Rick and Chris Lester
1974 Coupe Rick and Chris Lester
Larry and Joyce Hoyes
1977 Coupe Larry and Joyce Hoyes
Rick and Donna Skinner
1977 Coupe Rick and Donna Skinner

Dominic Greving
1978 Coupe 25th Anniversary Edition Dominic Greving

Brian Eichorn 81
1981 Coupe Brian Eichorn
Chris and Rosann Trowbridge 
1986 Coupe Chris and Rosann Trowbridge
Bob Finnigan 
1990 Convertible Bob Finnigan and Pat Hills

Brian Eichorn 92
1992 Convertible Brian Eichorn

Bill and Diane Bown
1993 Coupe Bill and Diane Bown
Brad and Lisa
1995 Convertible Brad and Lisa Keil

Bob and Linda Foust

1996 Convertible Bob and Linda Foust

Tom and Debbie
1997 Coupe Tom and Debbie Hemmerle
Jerry and Maria
1998 Convertible Jerry and Maria Cawthon
Skinner C5

1998 Convertible Rick and Donna Skinner

Larry and Patty
1998 Coupe Larry and Patty Uhlmeyer

Larry and Brenda
1999 Convertible Larry and Brenda Sparks

Ron and Dorothy
2001 Convertible Ron and Dorothy Green

2001 ConvertibleTerry and Michelle Gallaher
Jim Garrison
2001 Coupe Jim Garrison
Jon and Jennifer Stendback
2002 Z06 Jon and Jennifer Stendback

Ron and Kay Williams
2002 Coupe Ron and Kay Williams

Calvin and Nancy
2003 Z06 Calvin and Nan Webber

Gene and Donna
2003 Anniversary Convertible Gene and Donna Evans

OC and Roxy
2003 Coupe OC and Roxy Latta

Lloyd and Caroline
2003 Anniversary Convertible Lloyd and Carolyn Riley

2003 Convertible Larry and Connie Utterback

Terri Maple
2004 Coupe Terri Maple
Sony Fitzpatrick
2005 Convertible Sonny Fitzpatrick
Greg Artz
2005 Coupe Greg Artz

Scott and Donna Senger
2006 Convertible Scott and Donna Senger

Ron and Ruthie
2006 Convertible Ron and Ruthie Swearingen

Reggie and Cindy
2006 Z06 Reggie and Cindy Rowsey

Bill and Greta Jones
2007 Coupe Bill and Greta Jones

Bill Esicar
2008 Z06 Bill Esicar

1982 Coupe Jim and Susan Musgrove
 Larry and Marcy Howerter

Larry and Betty
2008 Z06 Larry and Betty Keil
Mike and Carol
2009 Z06 Mike Cramsey and Carol Rupert
Jim and Sharon

2011 Grand Sport Jim and Sharon Gough

1999 Convertilble
Gerry and Theresa Pickle

2011 ZR1
Francis Richmond

1992 Coupe
Karla Richmond

2012 Grand Sport Centennial Edition, Richard and DiAnn Hammon
Coming Soon
 Wanda Aden 
Coming Soon
1992 Black Coupe Chuck and Joyce Hirner

2006 Silver Coupe
Mike Fleetwood

1979 Red Coupe
Tracie Fleetwood
Coming Soon
Rocky and Tracey Altgilbers

1994 White Coupe
Lois and Gary Glasgow

1999 Torch Red Coupe
Bill Rose

1995 White Coupe
Dennis and Cheri Greving